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We have a problem... despite musculoskeletal conditions being responsible for around 40% of GP appointments and a similar number of A&E attendances, exposure to orthopaedics in undergraduate medical school curricula is poor.

On average, medical students are exposed to only 3 weeks of T&O throughout the whole of medical school.


Instead, it's the fantastic work of our nation's surgical and T&O societies, that are vital for engaging and inspiring future orthopaedic surgeons.

Today, we're connected more than ever. Despite initiatives to enhance exposure to orthopaedics such as conferences and local T&O events dotted aorund the country, we're lacking a key ingredient... collaboration!



In affiliation with both the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA) and the British Orthopaedic Trainees Association (BOTA), BOMSA is a national, student-led network of aspiring orthopaedic surgeons.


BOMSA aims to encourage collaboration between medical schools, allowing institutions to act under their own steam, but with the capacity to create higher impact events and greater reach.

BOMSA was born off the back of 3 years of collaborative experience. From 2018 The London Undergraduate Orthopaedic Society built the countries first regional collaboration for T&O events. All London-based medical schools joined together in an organised, sustainable and active fashion to enhance exposure to orthopaedic surgery.


LUOS hosted the largest undergraduate-focused orthopaedic conferences in the country for three years, attracted industry funding and networked hundreds of aspiring arthropods throughout London and afar.


Working in partnership with the BOA and BOTA, BOMSA aims to connect every single like-minded, aspiring orthopaedic surgeon across the country. 

For students - Greater exposure to...

- Mentorship

- Research Opportunities

- Conferences & events

- Educational lectures and webinars

For medical school societies, greater...

- collaborative opportunites

- Higher power events

- Greater marketing

- More attractive funding opportunities 

We also aim to enhance sustainable relationships with BOTA and the BOA.​


Our mission is to enhance early, positive exposure of orthopaedics to medical students on a national scale. 


Our events will provide not only fantastic practical experience and teaching covering a range of sub-specialties, but also ample networking opportunities to connect you to like-minded individuals and experienced clinicians. This will enable you to join or start projects, gain additional practical experience and delve deeper into orthopaedics as a speciality, career and lifestyle.

BOMSA governance.png
BOMSA vision.png
  • Coordinated representation and motivated workforce of medical student interest in T&O


  • Excellent connections, powerful marketing and advertisement channels - enhanced ability to disseminate BOA agenda and aims

  • Clear pathway for progression established between medical students, trainees and consultant-led professional bodies: BOMSA ->  BOTA -> BOA

  • Abundance of opportunities for personal and professional development


  • Nurtures the grass root members of the wider T&O community i.e. the leaders, innovators, and orthopaedic surgeons of the future

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