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The National Committee

Our fantastic national committee is formed of medical students and junior doctors over the UK. The national committee work on the back and front ends of BOMSA to keep our network alive with activity, opportunity, funding and enthusiasm!


Working hand-in-hand with the BOA and BOTA, our committee works to keep aspiring UK medical students connected. We aim to nurture those who will become the nations highest flying orthopaedic surgeons and provide ample opportunities to our members local representatives and regional representatives to develop personally and professionally. 

The Regional Board

The regional board is made up of highly enthusiastic medical students, democratically elected from each region's pool of local representatives. The regional rep position is for our highly driven future leaders who wish to develop their leadership and management skills.

Our regional reps are given the ability to highly influence exposure to orthopaedics for their respective regions and leverage their ideas and projects on a regional/national level far easier than was once possible.

📣 What do are regional reps do?


- Lead their region in overseeing and disseminating the the aims of BOMSA, BOTA and the BOA to their respective region

- Periodically work with the regional rep lead on the national board

- Actively engage and motivate local representatives to enhance exposure to orthopaedics in their area

- Have accountability in delivering a minimum number of events in their region as defined by the national board.



📣 What’s in it for the regional reps?


- Official Regional Rep training and induction.

- Formal recognition of the role by BOMSA/BOA/BOTA.

- Pastoral and logistical support by the BOMSA founding committee.

- Greater opportunities to influence exposure to orthopaedics in your region.

- Personal and professional development as a leader in a fast-growing initiative that is fully supported by the BOA and BOTA.

- A stronger platform to join the national committee in the future.

- Rights of first refusal on opportunities passed down from the national board.

The Local Representatives

BOMSA recruits two representatives from every single medical school in the country to represent their institution in the BOMSA network.


All local representatives form regional committees (as per above) with neighbouring institutions. Having encouraged inter-university collaboration for three years across London medical schools, collaboration in this manner has the capacity to make sure that no institution is left underserved. Collaboration also attracts large opportunities and enhances engagement at each medical school. 


What do we require of local representatives?


- To join their regional network for a handful of meetings throughout the year

- Collaborate with universities for advertisement +/- joint ventures

- To facilitate a small number of events throughout the year (I.e contribute to a national workshop and run and education seminar on a specific topic, for example)

- To help us disseminate surveys and opportunities from BOMSA/BOA/BOTA


N.B we do not stop you running your own events or conferences. The BOMSA network encourages collaboration, advertisement opportunities and higher impact events. We do not seek to increase work load or stifle independence. 


Who gets the local rep role?


- Presidents of surgical/T&O societies who have been officially accepted for the academic year get rights of first refusal

- We seek two representatives; if any of the above refuse, then applications open to those who are officially part of the intuitions T&O/surg soc committee 

N.B. Our representatives must have a position in their T&O/surg soc for the purposes of influence, legitimacy and insight into the working of their society.

- Those with a keen interest in orthopaedics that wish to make the most of their year in their institutions committee

- Those who wish to enhance their respective student community’s engagement in orthopaedic related activities

- Those who wish to access the regional or national board of BOMSA


What’s in it for the local reps?


- Formal recognition by BOMSA/BOTA/BOA for portfolios and CV building

- The opportunity to put yourself forward in your region as regional lead which will be formally recognised by BOMSA/BOA/BOTA

- The opportunity to scale your own ideas and initiatives over your region/the nation.

- The opportunity to progress to the national committee in subsequent years

- Join the founding committee of a national initiative to greatly enhance exposure to orthopaedic surgery

- The opportunity to network with likeminded individuals over the entire UK

- Invitations to meetings and conferences arranaged by the National Committee

- The opportunity to greatly increase exposure to orthopaedics at your institution, without having to do extra work.

- Pastoral, logistical and financial support for your orthopaedic events

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