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In affiliation with both the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA) and the British Orthopaedic Trainees Association (BOTA), BOMSA is a national, student-led network of aspiring orthopaedic surgeons.


Our mission is to enhance early, positive trauma & orthopaedic surgery exposure to medical students on a national scale. We aim to encourage collaboration between medical schools, allowing institutions to act under their own steam, but with the capacity to create higher impact events and greater reach.

Our events provide not only fantastic practical experience and teaching covering a range of T&O subspecialties, but also ample networking opportunities to connect our members with like-minded individuals, trainees and surgeons. Whether you're looking to enhance your networks, find mentors, get involved in research or become more familiar with orthopaedic surgical instruments, BOMSA has you covered.


British Orthopaedic
Trainees Association


BOMSA was born out of a collaborative effort from a group of medical students with experience in running societies at national and regional levels. This included former BOA and BOTA Medical Student Representatives and the founding members of the London Undergraduate Orthopaedic Society (LUOS), which was then the UK's first regional collaborative T&O society in 2018. This regional collaboration between medical schools was successful in enhancing early positive exposure to orthopaedics in an active, organised and sustainable way. The founding BOMSA committee aims to take these initiatives further and build on our collaborative experience to improve exposure to orthopaedics across all UK regions.

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